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my heaven.

Even though just a little more than half of the California voters voted against Prop 19, Oakland will resume its plan of taking marijuana out of the ‘taboo’ market.

In it’s City Council meeting, Oakland officials have decided to ratify the application process of these soon to be government-sanctioned ‘amazing’ pot farms.  In the same measure, Oakland is also allowing for a doubling in medical marijuana despensaries.

Even though the sale of medical marijuana is authorized by state and local regulations, pot farming has largely operated in the shadows. Oakland wants to change that, and is planning to do so on a grand scale.”

Some of the changes that they are making to the application process is that it requires applicants to undergo farming licenses requirements, background checks, and that they have the money to do what they are doing (financially backed).

The city is hoping that these changes will help in the organization of dealing with a city where pot farms are allowed.  🙂


WOW, what a great video!  Great job guys!  I personally know the people behind this video, and know that everything they have said is true.  THINK ABOUT IT!  If everyone that wants to smoke is already smoking, then why aren’t we taxing it?

I totally get that it might be against what you believe  – but you’ll have to get used to the idea that pot is around to stay – and come to terms with it – BECAUSE IT IS ALREADY PRESENT EVERYWHERE!  Vote YES ON PROP 19!