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IIA (me): The ACLU is going to sue the pentagon over members of the US military getting discharged and much less pay than their heterosexual counterparts that are discharged for various other reasons (most of which are probably crazier than bangin your same-sex partner.)

The ACLU is representing former Air Force Staff Sergeant Richard Collins. who only wants to be paid what other members are being paid that are discharged for these other various reasons.

What the fuck is going on here?

NOT ONLY ARE GAY MEN/WOMEN DISCHARGED, but then the US DOESN’T EVEN PAY THEM ADEQUATELY? Apparently, this has been going on since the early 90’s when ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ was first introduced… and it seems that Obama’s administration can actually do something about it without going through congress… check this out:

“The Obama administration has repeatedly said the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ statute is wrong, but that it needs to work with Congress to repeal the law,” said Joshua Block, an ACLU staff attorney. “But the separation pay issue is entirely within the administration’s control. The administration can at least take a preliminary step toward backing up its rhetoric with action by addressing this issue promptly and protecting gay and lesbian service members from needless additional discrimination.”

With all this hustle and bustle about even allowing gays to serve in the military, you think we would have been way beyond this by now, but no0o0o0o, we are still here… deciding on the fates of millions – their basic pay and liberties.  I know it’s sad to say, but in this country, this is unacceptable.


Advertisements – ACLU Urges Virginia Police to Ignore Attorney General’s Immigration Opinion.

“The American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia is urging the state police to ignore Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli’s ruling that police can ask people about their immigration status during routine stops.

The civil rights group argued that Cuccinelli’s opinion lacks a legal foundation and presents constitutional and public policy problems.

Cuccinelli issued the advisory opinion Monday at the request of state Delegate Robert G. Marshall. Rebecca K. Glenberg, legal director of the ACLU of Virginia, followed up with a letter to Virginia’s police chiefs Thursday saying the opinion is legally flawed and should be disregarded.

But so far, Virginia police are ignoring the ACLU, said Dana Schrad, executive director of the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police.

Glenberg said in her letter to the police chiefs that Cuccinelli’s opinion failed to acknowledge that a federal judge recently blocked the Arizona law’s key provisions, including the requirement that officers inquire about immigration status when they have reason to believe a person they’ve stopped may be in the country illegally.

She also said that because most police officers have not been trained on immigration law enforcement, which is primarily a federal responsibility, allowing them to question people about their status “is an invitation for racial profiling and potential Equal Protection violations.”

IllegalInAmerica Says:

WOW Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli… good for you for making your opinions heard… I’m not sure if you heard about last week, but the federal government had to get involved with Arizona over similar measures that Virginia is trying to enforce, apparently ‘under the radar’.  The ACLU is not a force to tangle with, and I really feel bad for the groups who have to deal with them, because it means that you or your actions have hindered someone else from being able to live peacefully, with equal civil rights.  It is now more imperitive than ever for Immigration Reform to happen on a national level from the Federal Government.

What is it with you bullshit card playing politicians?  It seems like everytime America is going to change to include more civil rights to more people, you all start getting weird and doing weird shit.  I guess you’re just asking for me and my generation to start a NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION, IS THAT IT!?!?

Well guess what, I’m going home tonight, and drinking a beer for all the people gettin pulled over right now because of their skin color.