On Saturday, October 8th, Governor Jerry Brown signed the controversial ‘Dream Act’ into law for California.

Here is the breakdown of what the Dream Act is based on their website at www.dreamact.info:




Over three million students graduate from U.S. high schools every year. Most get the opportunity to test their dreams and live their American story. However, a group of approximately 65,000 youth do not get this opportunity; they are smeared with an inherited title, an illegal immigrant. These youth have lived in the United States for most of their lives and want nothing more than to be recognized for what they are, Americans.

The DREAM Act is a bipartisan legislation ‒ pioneered by Sen. Orin Hatch [R-UT] and Sen. Richard Durbin [D-IL] ‒ that can solve this hemorrhaging injustice in our society. Under the rigorous provisions of the DREAM Act, qualifying undocumented youth would be eligible for a 6 year long conditional path to citizenship that requires completion of a college degree or two years of military service.

Currently, only Texas and New Mexico have an equivalent ‘Dream Act’ policy going on right now.  It is pretty funny that California wasn’t the first state to begin this, but then again, gays can’t even get married yet here.  Here is a quote from Governor Jerry Brown about the signing of the Dream ACT:

‘”Going to college is a dream that promises intellectual excitement and creative thinking,” Brown said in a written statement issued by his office.’

Last year Brown signed into law a similar bill that allowed illegal immigrants the ability to receive privately funded scholarships.  These two combine to create the ‘California Dream Act’.  Some opponents of this act cite California’s budget woes, and putting an ‘illegal’ immigrant before another native born American.  Also, other opponents fear that their classes and chances for scholarships will be diminished by the introduction of a potential large group with access that they didn’t have before.

Here is a quote directly Reuters:

‘Under the new law, written by Senator Gil Cedillo, a Los Angeles Democrat, those same illegal immigrants would be eligible for aid from the University of California, California State university system and the state’s 112 community colleges.

They could also apply for Cal Grants, which are cash awards based on academic performance.’ REUTERS

This is a phenomenal achievement and gives California’s and other American’s the ability to understand that children who were born here or were taken here as children did not have a choice.  Chances are, they have lived here for their entire lives and now have the opportunity to achieve their dreams beyond high school just like their peers.  They will have an equivalent chance to receive funds and opportunities beyond what they have grown to expect and learn about America.  This is a big win for the West Coast, where we haven’t had many proggressive moving ‘wins’ in a while.
By: Darryn James



Don't Pass Go, Don't Take Your Medicine!

When I went down to Bakersfield, California recently and asked my friends and family about the Pot culture there, it came as NO surprise to me that all of the clubs that had been opened over the last one or two years were already being targeted and shut down.  Seeing that Bakersfield is the most conservative county in all of California (check resources here) is the main reason this comes as no surprise.  As such, people who have been given the opportunity to use marijuana by their doctor will have to resort to going back to the grind of waiting on someone to pull through a deal and make them feel like drug addicts; doing something illegally that they feel they should have a right to do normally.

Now, I’m reading articles about the FEDS coming after the rest of the state pot clubs.  Dispensaries in San Diego and San Francisco have at this point, began receiving notices from major attorneys representing the United States explaining that the clubs have 45 days to close shop before they come through.

‘In an escalation of the ongoing conflict between the U.S. government and the nation’s burgeoning medical marijuana industry, at least 16 pot shops or their landlords received letters this week stating they are violating federal drug laws, even though medical marijuana is legal in California. The state’s four U.S. attorneys were scheduled Friday to announce a broader coordinated crackdown… They state that federal law “takes precedence over state law and applies regardless of the particular uses for which a dispensary is selling and distributing marijuana.”‘

Wow, so states can’t decide for themselves if it’s citizens should be able to smoke marijuana or grow marijuana for medicine?  How many more news features do we need to see about how good pot is for patients, for the economy, and for jobs growth?  Just alone in California, allowing pot clubs to stay open and thriving will help on these fronts.  Patients would be able to get the medicine that they have been prescribed by their doctor, who has obviously (hopefully) done research or read about the research of how much better it is as a natural drug over man-made pills.  It’s funny that we live in an age where these man-made prescription pills are legally accepted and endorsed by the same politicians (and doctors) who receive money for endorsing them.  I can’t believe the hypocrisy.

And now here comes Federal agents knocking down the door of my local pot club here in San Francisco sometime in the near future.  I wonder if it will ever come to pass at all, or if the federal government is just playing bullshit.  I guarantee that Californian’s will not stand by and let it happen… we almost passed a law last year to allow anyone over 21 to smoke marijuana when they want in the comfort of their own home… it is not going to swing the other way anytime soon, and ESPECIALLY not from some broken down federal government who hasn’t been getting laid at home and is coming over to our bed to try to get laid, but it’s rape I tell you!!! It’s rape!!!!

By: Darryn James

Muni management, pointing to the agency’s anemic finances, has moved to put the kibosh this year on year-end payouts from a special trust fund set up for the city’s transit operators.

Unless the decision is reversed – the operators’ union is reviewing its legal options – there will be no annual disbursement, which in years past has put up to $3,000 extra into each worker’s pocket at the start of the winter holiday season.

The cumulative hit to Muni would be $3.5 million this year, said management spokesman Paul Rose. Muni’s operating budget this year is $775 million.

It is “beyond dispute that the SFMTA (San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency) remains in a state of fiscal crisis. The agency has exhausted its reserves; service cuts remain in effect; and the agency is facing another deficit for the upcoming fiscal year,” Debra Johnson, the agency’s director of administration, explained in a memo to the head of the operators’ union.

At the same time, she dangled the prospect that at least some money could be freed up at the negotiating table. “We invite you to bargain over what amount, if any, that the SFMTA shall contribute to the trust fund for the current fiscal year,” she said.

But Rafael Cabrera, acting president of Transport Workers Union Local 250-A, told The Chronicle Friday that there’s no need to negotiate.

“The MTA has a legal obligation under the charter to fund the trust fund,” he said. “The attorneys are involved and it’s going to be a legal fight.”

Prior to the current fiscal year, which began July 1, Muni spent nearly $18 million in the past three budget cycles to replenish the trust fund. The contribution is based on a complex formula set in the City Charter. It takes into account the benefit packages provided to transit operators in the two highest-paying agencies.

Pay for Muni operators, the second-highest among comparable agencies in the United States, is based on a similar formula.

San Francisco voters overwhelmingly approved a Charter amendment in November to abolish the automatic compensation calculation and force Muni operators to bargain for pay and benefits during contract negotiations. The idea behind the ballot initiative was to give management more leverage at the bargaining table to cut labor costs by getting rid of inefficient work rules.

However, Cabrera contends that until the current contract expires at the end of June 2011, management is obligated to make the trust fund payments.

Nathaniel Ford, executive director of the Municipal Transportation Agency, said Friday that question is being researched by the city attorney. But for now, “our current position is that the operators are not getting the payouts this year.”

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via Muni management moves to stop year-end payouts.


The photo that brought AIDS home


Apoplectic Skeptic — unburyingthelead: The Photo That Brought AIDS….

QUOTING: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/federal-eye/2010/11/aclu_suing_pentagon_over_separ.html

IIA (me): The ACLU is going to sue the pentagon over members of the US military getting discharged and much less pay than their heterosexual counterparts that are discharged for various other reasons (most of which are probably crazier than bangin your same-sex partner.)

The ACLU is representing former Air Force Staff Sergeant Richard Collins. who only wants to be paid what other members are being paid that are discharged for these other various reasons.

What the fuck is going on here?

NOT ONLY ARE GAY MEN/WOMEN DISCHARGED, but then the US DOESN’T EVEN PAY THEM ADEQUATELY? Apparently, this has been going on since the early 90’s when ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ was first introduced… and it seems that Obama’s administration can actually do something about it without going through congress… check this out:

“The Obama administration has repeatedly said the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ statute is wrong, but that it needs to work with Congress to repeal the law,” said Joshua Block, an ACLU staff attorney. “But the separation pay issue is entirely within the administration’s control. The administration can at least take a preliminary step toward backing up its rhetoric with action by addressing this issue promptly and protecting gay and lesbian service members from needless additional discrimination.”

With all this hustle and bustle about even allowing gays to serve in the military, you think we would have been way beyond this by now, but no0o0o0o, we are still here… deciding on the fates of millions – their basic pay and liberties.  I know it’s sad to say, but in this country, this is unacceptable.


So sad, but true.

Francisco Castaneda died while being held in a deportation facility, after telling officials that his penis was killing him.. literally.  During his time in North Kern Prison in Delano, California, Castaneda made the claim to officers and his doctors that he needed immediate attention.  Mulitple times his doctors recommended that he get a biopsy of the growth, but the Chief Physician of two different locations in California both rejected the claims from their Doctors on staff.  Finally, when he officially got approval for a biopsy, he was released soon after without any treatment.  Within the next few days, Castaneda would undergo great pain, including the amputation of his penis, before dying like some sort of government trash dumped into the Gulf.

His family sued the shit out of the state, claiming that he died while on their hands, and that this could have been prevented had he the attention he deserved as a human being in the most prestigious fucking country in the world.. the US of A.

Luckily, his daughter will be getting $1.5 million of that money – and this case is now going against the Federal Government in April of next year.

Example of new cigarette packs in the U.S.

Example of new cigarette packs in the U.S.


About two weeks ago, I got really sick.  There are many reasons that I can list here as to how I could have gotten sick… but after going through the list, I felt that it was pretty pitiful, and decided to just say I got fucking sick.

So, my main things were coughing and runny nose.  And my body just rejected me every time I tried to smoke a cigarette.  Of course, I shouldn’t be smoking while on my death bed, but sometimes you just can’t help it when you were smoking as many as I was a day.  Each time I would light up, it would just be a straight 10 minutes of coughing.  I vowed during the end of my sickness to back the fuck off of smoking and figure out something else to do with my time.

Today, I’m smoking about 2-4 cigarettes a day, depending on how much I’m craving them/when they are available.  I’m getting a lot of support from my roommates, and I know it’s only got to be good to quit smoking anyway.  I just really like it… :-/ haha

And now, this new campaign comes out from the Federal Government to post pictures of dead and extremely disgusting smoking effects on cigarette packs… is pretty awesome.  I have a coworker who showed me a pack of cigarettes from another country, and they already had these pictures on there… I was pretty frightened, and it was a little fucked up, but hey… I think that’s what non-smokers think of me when I light up right next to their child.  Trust when I say, I’ve only done this in extreme circumstances, and by child I mean my cousins dog’s new liter… which was weird… I know.

So this is a good thing right?

The proposed requirements, characterized as the biggest change in tobacco health warnings in 25 years, include “nine new larger and more noticeable textual warning statements and color graphic images depicting the negative health consequences of smoking,” the release stated.”

Jesus, the biggest change in 25 years?  We must LOVE our smoking!

“Today, FDA takes a crucial step toward reducing the tremendous toll of illness and death caused by tobacco use by proposing to dramatically change how cigarette packages and advertising look in this country,” FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said.

“When the rule takes effect, the health consequences of smoking will be obvious every time someone picks up a pack of cigarettes. … This is a concrete example of how FDA’s new responsibilities for tobacco product regulation can benefit the public’s health.”

Mathew L. Myers, the president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, called the proposed changes “the most significant change in U.S. cigarette warnings since they were first required in 1965.”

Wow, I wonder what the tobacco companies are gonna do?  With so much money invested in certain politicians, furthering their cause.  If no drastic changes have been made since 1965, how big are these giant tobacco companies and who did they fuck to get such swell treatment?

But David Howard, a spokesman for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., said the legality of requiring larger, graphic warnings on cigarette packages was already the subject of a lawsuit filed by the maker of Camel and Pall Mall cigarettes.

The suit alleges that the warnings violate the company’s First Amendment rights of commercial, free speech, Howard told CNN in a telephone interview. “Seizing half of our packaging, devaluing our trademarks, we’re challenging that,” he said.

I’m glad that you have your ducks in a row Howard.  Congratufuckinglations… weren’t you on ‘Thank You For Smoking’?… oh no, that was some other douchebag that gets paid to give people the opportunity to end another 6 minutes of their unfortunate lives… at least every time I go to smoke a cigarette, I’ll get to look at a reminder of the effects and will hopefully be influenced to just set the fucking pack down – back away from the fucking pack… dead people on it… people killed by Voldemort… and then I will run, run far away.


citing an article listed here: http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/11/10/cigarette.warnings/index.html?hpt=Sbin