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Arizona sheriff not relenting after court ruling – Yahoo! News.

By JACQUES BILLEAUD and AMANDA LEE MYERS, Associated Press Writer Jacques Billeaud And Amanda Lee Myers, Associated Press Writer 20 mins ago

PHOENIX – Lost in the hoopla over Arizona’s immigration law is the fact that state and local authorities for years have been doing their own aggressive crackdowns in the busiest illegal gateway into the country.

Nowhere in the U.S. is local enforcement more present than in metropolitan Phoenix, where Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio routinely carries out sweeps, some in Hispanic neighborhoods, to arrest illegal immigrants. The tactics have made him the undisputed poster boy for local immigration enforcement and the anger that so many authorities feel about the issue.

“It’s my job,” said Arpaio, standing beside a sheriff’s truck that has a number for an immigration hot line written on its side. “I have two state (immigration) laws that I am enforcing. It’s not federal, it’s state.”

A ruling Wednesday by a federal judge put on hold parts of the new law that would have required officers to dig deeper into the fight against illegal immigration. Arizona says it was forced to act because the federal government isn’t doing its job to fight immigration.

The issue led to demonstrations across the country Thursday, including one directed at Arpaio in Phoenix in which protesters beat on the metal door of a jail and chanted, “Sheriff Joe, we are here. We will not live in fear.” And in another sign of the divisive atmosphere surrounding the issue, authorities said the judge had received menacing threats and police were investigating whether a bullet hole found in the office of an Arizona congressman was related to the immigration debate.

Meanwhile, Gov. Jan Brewer’s lawyers went to court to overturn the judge’s ruling so they can fight back against what the Republican calls an “invasion” of illegal immigrants.

Ever since the main flow of illegal immigrants into the country shifted to Arizona a decade ago, state politicians and local police have been feeling pressure to confront the state’s border woes.

In addition to Arpaio’s crackdowns, other efforts include a steady stream of busts by the state and local police of stash houses where smugglers hide illegal immigrants. The state attorney general has taken a money-wiring company to civil court on allegations that smugglers used their service to move money to Mexico. And a county south of Phoenix has its sheriff’s deputies patrol dangerous smuggling corridors.

Wow, Sheriff Arpaio walks around neighborhoods in an immigration van with a hotline number on it.. and we are all paying for this money to be wasted.  Could you imagine living in Arizona, constantly in fear of someone asking for your papers?  I really hope that the Federal Government does something for these people, and puts the Arizona SB 1070 in its place… the garbage.


Wow, look at how big these beds are!

By Kevin Sieff

Washington Post Staff Writer

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The largest immigrant detention center in the mid-Atlantic will soon open in Prince Edward County, an effort to accommodate Virginia’s unprecedented surge in detentions of illegal immigrants picked up on criminal charges.

The $21 million, privately run center will house up to 584 immigrant detainees when it opens its doors. Over the next year, it might grow to hold 1,000 prisoners, most of them snagged by the federal government’s growing Secure Communities program, which aims to find and deport criminal illegal immigrants.

Last month, Virginia became the second state, after Delaware, to implement the program statewide, requiring jails and prisons to screen prisoners by immigration status and check their fingerprints against the country’s immigration database.

The immigration debate has grown increasingly polarized, and the Secure Communities program has become a symbol of that division. John T. Morton, head of ICE, calls it the agency’s attempt to “secure the nation and protect public safety.” But many immigrant advocates, including Enid Gonzalez, a lawyer at CASA of Maryland, say the program “claims to keep violent criminals off the streets, but instead it’s just incarcerating innocent busboys.”

via Immigrant detention center in Va. would be mid-Atlantic’s largest.

So, a giant detention facility made especially for illegal immigrants.  This will create over 300 jobs in the area, nice… nice.  I am so sick of this bullshit and rhetoric behind these sorts of institutions, making it look really good to have this facility, when in reality there are bound to be some major problems with putting people who come from all these different cultures together in one place – oh wait, that’s America.

We don’t need to be wasting our taxdollars and time on specialized institutions for this purpose.  Does the need to have separate facilities from our prisons for ‘wrong-doing’ illegal immigrants indicate that there is a problem with our current prison system, or that maybe these new institutions are greater than or less than our current prison system?

Imagine the types of people that will be put together within this facility… if ICE can easily be blamed for capturing non-offensive ‘illegal-immigrants,’ by multiple media and social outlets, does this mean that we will be having major offenders alongside non-major offenders?  Where will the children go in this case?

As I learn more information about this facility, I will keep you posted.

By Patrik Jonsson, Staff writer / July 10, 2010


By approving Attorney General Eric Holder’s lawsuit against Arizona and its tough new illegal immigration law, President Obama has set course into a political hurricane that some political analysts say could ultimately undermine comprehensive immigration reform, at least in the short-term.

“I think they actually believe that, in a righteous, lawyerly way, the federal government had to step forward and assert federal authority here,” Tamar Jacoby, president of ImmigrationWorks USA, a pro-business group that opposes the law, tells Dan Nowicki of the Arizona Republic newspaper. “But I also think it’s a pretty naked play for Latino voters. To me, it was a risky and troubling move.”

Mr. Holder on Tuesday filed suit saying the Arizona law preempts federal authority over immigration, although the law itself – which takes effect July 29 – repeatedly cites federal immigration law as its basis.

via Arizona immigration lawsuit: Obama sails into a political storm –

First of all, in response to the picture above:

  • “What part of illegal don’t you understand?”  I’ll go ahead and answer here that it appears that you are the ignorant one who ‘don’t’ understand the concept of illegal.  Treating people like garbage because you feel like your own rights and space have been intruded on.. shame on you!  NEWS FLASH: You are here because someone defied that same idea!
  • “Illegal is a crime!” Look, I’m sorry that you skipped church today to make your sign… but it’s vague and it SUCKS!

Yeah, that Eric Holder guy is a real piece of work!  Sticking up for all those millions of people like that. : – )  I find it pretty funny that the one time that our federal government stands up for individual rights and civil rights, even when the majority of the public is against them, is for this immigration battle.  HOWEVER, I am extremely glad and proud that something is being done about SB-1070, because someone had to go in and show them who’s boss.

For more information on SB-1070 (more like the actual Bill itself), please visit this link:

Updated: Saturday, 17 Jul 2010, 7:16 PM EDT

Published : Saturday, 17 Jul 2010, 7:16 PM EDT

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Erwin de Leon got legally married to his partner, the Rev. John Beddingfield, in the District of Columbia this past April. D.C. and a handful of states now recognize same-sex unions.

But the married couple may face a dilemma in a year or two, when de Leon completes his doctorate. His student visa will then expire, and he may have to leave the U.S. for his native country, the Philippines.

“I cannot get a green card [for] staying in the U.S. because we are a same-sex couple,” explained de Leon. “Different-sex couples can get married and apply for a green card. And they’ll have it in a few months.”

Federal law does not recognize same-sex unions for immigration, taxation, or inheritance purposes. They are also no survivors benefit from social security.

Some liberal Democrats in Congress are moving to change the law, at least for immigration purposes. “Right now, too many same-sex, bi-national couples face an impossible choice: to live apart, or to break the law to be with partners, their families, and their children,” Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Illinois) told a news conference this week. “That’s not good for them and it’s not good for the rest of us, either.”

The group of legislators is determined to give same-sex marriages the same immigration rights that heterosexual marriages get. They are planning to add that kind of language to a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

Proponents of immigration reform plan to push Congress to decide the issue before the November elections.

via Immigration Reform May Include Same-Sex Couples.

I’ve been having some discussions with some of my friends and co-workers recently regarding what would happen to same-sex couples in either debate: the right to marry, and the right to immigrate into America.

When I saw this article, the only thing that came in to my head was: “It’s about time this came out onto the table.  The main reason why I am so deeply affected by immigration rights and other civil rights issues, is because I am gay and find myself directly in this situation.  Should I be able to marry my partner, and we can both live here harmoniously with everyone else, or should we be living in fear and dread as this immigration debate rises to a national level.

What a hope.  What a dream.  I really hope that this can become an American reality in the future.