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Good Ole

Target, practically everyone’s favorite discount retail store, is headquartered in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes. But along with precious bodies of water, Minnesota is home to some pretty rabid anti-gay politicians and groups. Among them include Tom Emmer. And Target, it seems, is apparently filling  his campaign coffers with nearly $150,000.

Follow the money. At least, that’s the message delivered by an article at by Matt Baume, who tracks $150,000 from Target’s coffers, through a political action committee (PAC) known as Minnesota Forward, all the way to Tom Emmer, who himself supports a Christian rock band in Minnesota that travels around the state saying that it’s moral and righteous for religious people to kill gays and lesbians.

For those into algebra, it looks a little like this: Target + Minnesota Forward + Tom Emmer = Support for a rather dangerous and radical political philosophy that diminishes LGBT people to pests that should be murdered. And Target is cool with this?

Send the company a message right now, urging them to explain why their money is being used to fund a politics that not only serves to prevent LGBT equality, but breeds homophobia, transphobia and hatred.


What I find funny about this, is that I actually worked at Target for three years.  Also, I just went shopping last night at Target.

While I worked at Target, I realized that Target was a company that actually put money into the community.  Through my job, I was able to work with employees on volunteer projects, fundraise for local non-profits, and work with organizations in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

NOW, as I read this information, it really opens my mind to the harsh reality that I was obliviously blinded because I worked there.  Now Now, I know what you’re saying: “But Target is a really good company!”  Well honey, not if they give their money to limit people rights and support some po-dunk red neck who runs around with a freaking band denouncing gays.  That is so 1990’s Target… at least put money into something that ‘matters’… like maybe your employees pockets : – )

I’ll most likely continue to shop at Target… but will be following their contributions a little more closely now.