my heaven.

Even though just a little more than half of the California voters voted against Prop 19, Oakland will resume its plan of taking marijuana out of the ‘taboo’ market.

In it’s City Council meeting, Oakland officials have decided to ratify the application process of these soon to be government-sanctioned ‘amazing’ pot farms.  In the same measure, Oakland is also allowing for a doubling in medical marijuana despensaries.

Even though the sale of medical marijuana is authorized by state and local regulations, pot farming has largely operated in the shadows. Oakland wants to change that, and is planning to do so on a grand scale.”

Some of the changes that they are making to the application process is that it requires applicants to undergo farming licenses requirements, background checks, and that they have the money to do what they are doing (financially backed).

The city is hoping that these changes will help in the organization of dealing with a city where pot farms are allowed.  🙂


(11-08) 21:23 PST Burbank, Calif. (AP) —

I'll be back!... to smoke a j

The Hollywood actor-turned-governor signed a law five weeks ago that made possession of up to an ounce of marijuana the equivalent of a traffic ticket. It carries a penalty of no more than a $100 fine and no arrest or criminal record.

He defended the law Monday, telling Jay Leno on NBC‘s “Tonight Show” it is a good idea.

According to a transcript of the interview, Schwarzenegger says: “No one cares if you smoke a joint or not.”

On Election Day, voters rejected an initiative that would have allowed adults age 21 and older to possess and grow small amounts of marijuana.

The governor, who is wrapping up his final term, told Leno the ballot proposal went too far.

IIA Says:  Damn Straight!

WOW, what a great video!  Great job guys!  I personally know the people behind this video, and know that everything they have said is true.  THINK ABOUT IT!  If everyone that wants to smoke is already smoking, then why aren’t we taxing it?

I totally get that it might be against what you believe  – but you’ll have to get used to the idea that pot is around to stay – and come to terms with it – BECAUSE IT IS ALREADY PRESENT EVERYWHERE!  Vote YES ON PROP 19!

Hello All,

I would like to let everyone know that I am officially $5.00 under in THAT bank account, and I am not being charged an overdraft fee of $35.00. (I have money, don’t worry) : – )

Wells Fargo has been under great scrutiny lately for using technology that automatically generates these fees for customers by adding additional fees elsewhere and recharging for something that you are already paying for.

I’ve recently called to explain myself to a bank representative, and was wondering why I had gotten an overdraft charge when I had enough money in my bank account, and I was still in the positive.  She explained some bullshit about how I should know exactly what is in my account when making purchases, and that even when a purchase doesn’t show, it will still be taken from the amount of money that was available when it was originally processed.

If this isn’t confusing enough, try having that conversation yourself, and just try to get your $35.00 back.  LUCKILY, no one is going to have to deal with this for the most part… and I am really happy to see some financial reform that actually affects me. : – )



By Hollie McKay

Published August 19, 2010


LOS ANGELES –  Mexican-American actor Richard Anthony “Cheech” Marin is slamming the Arizona immigration law as little more than an attempt to hold on to “white culture.”

“It’s ridiculous; it’s the last gasp of white culture,” he told Pop Tarts at the Los Angeles launch last week of Disney Pixar’s online “World of Cars.” “Reactionaries and Congress (are to blame) only because they think that’s the way of getting votes. We’ll stir up the rabble! If you take the Mexicans out of Arizona, Arizona is going to collapse the next day.”

But it’s not only the immigration law with which Marin takes issue. The “Up in Smoke” star would also like to see marijuana legalized.

According to Marin, President Obama is doing enough to support the fight for marijuana legalization by “not prosecuting” those who use medical marijuana, but he’d like to see the president live up to his campaign of “hope” and devote some attention to America’s economic crisis.

“In (Obama’s) administration, I’d like to see marijuana legalized and I’d like to see him keep working to straighten out the economy, because at the end of the day, no matter how highfalutin your philosophy is, if the economy isn’t working, then the country isn’t happening,” Marin said.


Wow, what a great guy!  Who would’ve thought? 🙂

Not only do I agree with Cheech Marin on Arizona and all the political bullshit that is causing it, but also the legalization of marijuana as a regulated substance that would bring a ton of money to our country.

Also, I love your movies if you ever see this!



The Justice Department is investigating Maricopa County, Ariz.’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio over alleged civil-rights violations. The Washington Post reports that his office has failed to comply with requests from federal investigators examining the treatment of Hispanics in Maricopa County jails and the tactics used to detain them.

Robert Driscoll, an attorney for Arpaio, was out of the office this week and unavailable for comment, according to his assistant. A spokesperson in Arpaio’s press office says Driscoll informed them he will hold a face-to-face meeting with DOJ lawyers in Washington next week.

In Arizona, the sheriff has a reputation for standing up to Washington and for being tough on crime, including humiliating his inmates (many of them Hispanic, according to news reports), by making them dress in old-fashioned black-and-white-striped prison uniforms, work in chain gangs, or, for men, wear pink underwear.

In Arpaio’s view, however, there’s a point to these tactics: illegal immigration is the top problem he is facing, and he will be tough on criminals. In a 2009 interview with NEWSWEEK, he told this reporter that the business of illegal immigration was fueling crime and violence in Phoenix. (Crime rates in Phoenix are down, but local television coverage of immigration-related crime is almost a daily phenomenon.) “The people who pay [to cross into the U.S. from Mexico] will eventually get transferred to points north,” he said. “But the violence and murders and kidnappings are all happening here.” He might have gone too far. Since that interview, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has revoked Arpaio’s ability to enforce federal immigration laws (under what’s known as the 287 [g] program), prompting his outrage.

Arpaio has also upset local leaders who say they have been harassed by him, and is facing a separate investigation into potential abuse of power. The Arizona Republic‘s Yvonne Wingett recently reported about a scuffle between Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and the sheriff. In an interview with NEWSWEEK, Gordon blamed Arpaio and State Sen. Russell Pearce (author of the state’s controversial immigration bill) for creating an anti-immigration fervor in the state: “Pearce and Arpaio’s ability to whip things into a frenzy has created so much pressure for [Gov. Jan Brewer].” The law is hurting Arizona businesses, yet few are speaking out. Gordon says that’s because of the sheriff, who “will come after them on trumped-up charges. The car-wash guys, the McDonald’s owners, there is a real fear that they will be investigated, there is a real fear of the sheriff.” He says, “Anyone who stands up to Arpaio—their reputation is ruined.”

Gordon says supervisors, chiefs of police, reporters, and others have all been subjected to unwarranted scrutiny and harassment by the sheriff. “People have been followed by the sheriff’s people, judges—everyone.” Has he been followed? The mayor says, “Yes. But I’m one individual who has stood up to him.” The mayor’s attorney, Paul Charlton  (who was also one of the nine U.S. attorneys fired during the Bush administration), says, “There isn’t any doubt Arpaio uses his office to intimidate political enemies. That can mean judges who rule against him, people on the board of supervisors who vote against his interests, and business leaders who have opposed his policies.”

Asked to comment, Arpaio’s spokesperson said, “The sheriff won’t dignify Mayor Gordon’s remarks with a response.”


Wow Joe, you really did it this time… why do you have to be such a freaking tough guy?  Why do you have to intimidate all of the people trying to have a better life, when you can just as easily lock them up and at least leave them in peace?  It’s practically not even a choice when life is so bad in your native country… try Pakistan right now that is 1/3 completely flooded.

Instead of messing with these people, we can already be working with them to learn English if possible, and at least at that point, they can explain themselves and why they have come to America, not that they shouldn’t have every right to.  Why do you make them wear ‘pink underwear’ in jail, and humiliate them for something that is already misconceived by popular culture in America and globally beyond.

Also, you’ll get what’s coming to you for this.  For bullying all those public officials, they’ll make sure to each take a piece of your ass down, so I hope you’re ready… Pink Underwear Bandits – this one will be for you!



[Posted at 3:14 p.m. ET] A threat made against an American Airlines plane preparing to take off from San Fransisco International Airport on Thursday is prompting authorities to tell the passengers to deplane and be rescreened, the Transportation Security Administration said.

American Airlines Flight 24, which was scheduled to fly to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, was moved to a remote location at the San Francisco airport, at the TSA’s request, the TSA said.

Passengers will be interviewed and rescreened while law enforcement inspects the aircraft, TSA said.

The threat was made by phone, according to the TSA. No other information about the threat was immediately available.

IllegalInAmerica Says:

Wow, if I ever get asked to leave a plane because of a security threat, I would make sure to get my money back… but I would definitely get off of the damn plane.  RUN!

I would actually probably just reschedule.. I would hate to have to go through the baggage lines all over again, and then to have to wonder when the whole time the damn plane is going to blow.