Cheech Marin Slams Arizona Immigration Law, Calls for Legalization of Pot

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Arizona, Immigration in the United States, Marijuana

By Hollie McKay

Published August 19, 2010


LOS ANGELES –  Mexican-American actor Richard Anthony “Cheech” Marin is slamming the Arizona immigration law as little more than an attempt to hold on to “white culture.”

“It’s ridiculous; it’s the last gasp of white culture,” he told Pop Tarts at the Los Angeles launch last week of Disney Pixar’s online “World of Cars.” “Reactionaries and Congress (are to blame) only because they think that’s the way of getting votes. We’ll stir up the rabble! If you take the Mexicans out of Arizona, Arizona is going to collapse the next day.”

But it’s not only the immigration law with which Marin takes issue. The “Up in Smoke” star would also like to see marijuana legalized.

According to Marin, President Obama is doing enough to support the fight for marijuana legalization by “not prosecuting” those who use medical marijuana, but he’d like to see the president live up to his campaign of “hope” and devote some attention to America’s economic crisis.

“In (Obama’s) administration, I’d like to see marijuana legalized and I’d like to see him keep working to straighten out the economy, because at the end of the day, no matter how highfalutin your philosophy is, if the economy isn’t working, then the country isn’t happening,” Marin said.


Wow, what a great guy!  Who would’ve thought? 🙂

Not only do I agree with Cheech Marin on Arizona and all the political bullshit that is causing it, but also the legalization of marijuana as a regulated substance that would bring a ton of money to our country.

Also, I love your movies if you ever see this!



  1. mharrouchi says:

    LOL …who would’ve thought??? Its freaking Cheech.

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