Accomplice helped convicted murderers escape, Arizona authorities say

Posted: August 1, 2010 in Arizona, Breaking News
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“Accomplice helped convicted murderers escape, Arizona authorities say –”

“(CNN) — Three convicted murderers who broke out of a Kingman, Arizona, prison got some help from a female accomplice who was on a visitation list for one of them, authorities said Saturday.

The three escaped inmates are: Tracy Province, a 42-year-old white man who is 6 feet 1 inches tall and weighs 184 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes; Daniel Renwick, a 36-year-old white man who is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 190 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes; and John McCluskey, a 45-year-old white man who is 6 feet 1 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.

The suspected accmpolice was identified as 43-year-old Casslyn Mae Welch, who is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 135 pounds with brown hair and green eyes. Flanagan said she was on the visitation list for one of the inmates.

Welch, of Mesa, was seen at the prison driving a 1996 Chrysler Concord four-door sedan prior to the incident, the Mohave Sheriff’s Department said. The blue car has a faded hood and roof with an Arizona registration ABL7584. The suspects may still be using the vehicle, the department said later Saturday.”

It’s interesting that we don’t have more information about these people.  I mean, sure, it’s nice knowing what they did to be in prison, but that doesn’t tell me anything about where they are going to go.  And as I understand it now, they have escaped into the cover of nightfall to most likely fade away from the Arizona grasp alltogether.  The original CNN page that I’m quoting from has a great video with the same information you’ll find above.


  1. They were last seen on I-40 in Flagstaff, AZ. They could be headed west to San Francisco. Here’s a foto of their car:

    Thank heaven the big-rig drivers they kidnapped escaped unscathed… physically anyway. A 5-hour ride at gun point could cause POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER.

    • Yeah, wow, I’m not sure if you knew this, but I’M IN SAN FRANCISCO!

      I really hope that the driver being held at gunpoint turns out to be okay. It sounds too much like a scary movie for me to imagine what he was going through, and everything they had to do or was able to get away with to escape in the first place. Big bummer, man.

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  2. D Ross says:

    These dunces should have stayed in the slammer. Free food, health care, and lodging. Outside all they will find are closed banks, unemployment lines, and people with no money. and a hoard of starving bounty hunters on their trail.
    Better they should have used their prison time to get degrees in finance – then parole out (they were after all, in minimum security) and get a job in finance where they could steal and kill legally (by proxy) making a financial killing in the process.

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