Protests Looming in Arizona – SB 1070 Will Go Into Effect Thursday!

Posted: July 26, 2010 in GLBTQ Rights, Immigration in the United States
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Protests planned ahead of Arizona’s controversial immigration law –

Los Angeles, California (CNN) — By Jim Roope, CNN Radio

“Days before Arizona’s controversial law targeting illegal immigration takes effect, demonstrators are finalizing their plans to descend upon the state capital to show their support for or opposition to the measure.

The protests will include busloads of labor union members from Los Angeles who oppose Senate Bill 1070 because they believe it promotes racial profiling,

They plan to dare law enforcement in Phoenix, Arizona, to put SB 1070 to the test, according to Maria Elena Durazo, one of the organizers of the rally.

“We will not be carrying ‘papers,’ ” said Durazo, of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO. “We will let them know we are coming, and we will tell them: Arrest us for being brown or black, arrest us for being suspicious.”


The protesters include immigrant students, religious leaders, day laborers and members of several unions including the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, the Teamsters and the Utility Workers of America Union.”

How I so wish that I could be there!  I would love to demonstrate and see what the SB-1070 will do to people who live in the area, and equally important, the people going to Arizona from LA and other areas to demonstrate.  Now is the time for us to fight for equal rights for immigrants who are in the US “illegally”.  We have a broken ass system that needs to be fixed, and very soon.  It is obvious that enough people will be fighting on both sides of this issue… once again, someone will always have to pay the heavy price… with National immigration reform looming, I really hope that something amazing is done that gives America a good name – again, if that is ever going to be possible.



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